Bare fiber

Safe – Efficient – Effective

Tobrix EVLA sets are the result of over more than 10 years improvements in collaboration with key surgeons in the field of phlebology. As a result we have 3 tried and tested sets, each suited for a preferred method of working. Be it a thin flexible catheter, a larger stiffer catheter for more push ability or the efficient, time saving 1.2.3 set, you always have right material.

Tobrix EVLA set are a complete matching set of items. The practical lock on the fiber correspondents with the length of the sheath so you are sure to about the position of the tip. The sheaths have markings at 1cm and 10cm to aid you with providing the correct amount of energy to the vein. A special wider marking indicates that the end of the procedure is near.

Tobrix EVLA sets are made in accordance to the highest quality standards. Strict adherence to tight production tolerances result in a very reliable and safe fiber set.