Radial Fiber

Safe – Efficient – Effective

Radial emitting fibers combined with 1470nm lasers have a proven track record in endo venous varices treatments. Radial fiber procedures have a post-op pain score among lowest in the market, yet treat with the known high efficacy of laser treatments. Thanks to the a-traumatic tip and markings on the fiber a 16 G venflon or a 5 Fr micro introducer suffices for vein access and controlled pull back.

Tobrix Radiaal fibers are made in accordance to the highest quality standards. Strict adherence to tight production tolerances result in a very reliable and safe fiber.

There are 2 sizes available: 600 μm with a 1.6 mm capillary and 400 μm with a 1,25 mm capillary. The 600 μm can be used with a 5 Fr micro introducer kit. The 400 μm can be used with a 4 Fr or 5 Fr micro introducer kit or with a 16G IV canulla (venflon). The latter makes the procedure even more simple and fast.

Tobrix Radiaal Fibers have all the markings needed for a safe and proper procedure. The 400 μm has a touhy borst squeeze adaptor to fixate the fiber temporary to the IV cannula in case this is used.