S8 Brochure
S8 Specifications

The SonoScape S8

is a complete full-body ultrasound machine that has more features than any other in its price range.

It is a fully shared-service portable ultrasound machine with a full array of applications and probes. For image quality, the SonoScape S8 employs the latest image optimization technologies, such as speckle reduction, compound imaging, tissue harmonics, automatic optimization, and panoramic imaging.

SonoScape can be used for vascular, abdominal, obstetric, gynecological, urologic, pediatric, children’s heads, small parts, transcranial, cardiology, 3D / 4D area. It is supplied software for all the application areas.

It can be connected to a 16 MHz linear probe, a convex probe mikrokonvex high density, sector probe, the probe 180 endovaginal biplanar transrectal probe – convex / linear and convex / convex, 4D volumetric sensor and the intraoperative probe.

Display Modes:

  • B, BF, BPF, B/B, B/BF (dual dynamic display)
  • B/BPF (Dual Dynamic display)
  • B/M, B/D, M, BDF, CFM (Color Flow M-Mode)
  • MDF in triplex mode in real time – all with the possibility of an arbitrary Colorize
  • Dual Dynamic display (half the B picture and the second half of the B picture with color)
  • Color flow and power flow, directional power flow
  • PW and CW Doppler, Doppler automatic tracing curves
  • The ability to save images and video loops
  • Free-hand 3D as standard
  • 3D / 4D image