Quanta Diode 1470

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Quanta Diode 1470

Quanta Diode 1470

The newer 1470 nanometer (nm) wavelength laser targets the water in the vein wall instead of the hemoglobin, which results in a more comfortable procedure for patients without post-operative bruising or swelling. The Quanta 1470 nm laser’s water absorption rate, for example, is approximately 60 times more than the 980nm lasers. Through this laser, physicians get the superior laser results of better than a 95 percent success rate with closing the vein; and they either have the same or less bruising that can be got with the radiofrequency closure devices.

Excellent cost per procedure !

The cost per procedure (endo-kit) is approximately the 20% when compared to radiofrequency disposables costs, and the 40% vs the most common 980 nm laser endovenous kits’ cost.